★ Welcome ★
HI! Im Space/Pubby, What ever you prefer to call me! I am a small content creator! Check out my carrd for more info on me!


★ About Me: ★ミ★ 21 | GMT
ミ★ Space/Pubby
ミ★ Agere | Petre
ミ★ They/Them | Bub/Bubs
ミ★ Bisexual | Non-Binary
ミ★ Autistic | PTSD | BPD
ミ★ Multiple Sclerosis | Chronic Pain

★ Kin List: ★
ミ★ Umaru-chan (Himouto! Umaru-chan)
ミ★ Mable Pines (Gravity Falls)
ミ★ Ai Narata (Kagekishoujo)
ミ★ Shiro (No Game No Life)
ミ★ Anya (Spy x Family)
ミ★ Lilo (Lilo & Stitch)
ミ★ Ponyo (Ponyo)
ミ★ Pablo (Pablo)
ミ★ Bingo (Bluey)
ミ★ Neeko (LoL)
ミ★ Yuumi (LoL)
ミ★ Sona (LoL)

★ Special Interests: ★
ミ★ League Of Legends
ミ★ Tea & Tea Brewing
ミ★ Winnie The Pooh
ミ★ Content Creation


★ DNI: ★
ミ★ Under 14
ミ★ If you crosstag
ミ★ Anti Agere | Petre
ミ★ If you are a MAP or MIK
ミ★ If you do not tw/cw things
ミ★ If you sexualize Regression
ミ★ If you do not respect triggers
ミ★ If you support or are Endogenic
ミ★ GFX artist contacting for advertisement or looking for work

★ Please TW/CW: ★
ミ★ Eating Disorders
ミ★ Weight & Calories
ミ★ Self Harm & Suicide
ミ★ Alcohol & Alcoholism
ミ★ Sexual Assault & Rape


★ Boundaries: ★Allowed:
ミ★ Refer to me as Babyyspace, Pubby or Space
ミ★ Complementing Looks, Voice & Presence
ミ★ SFW Fan creations (Art, Edits, Fiction etc)
ミ★ Ship with friends/creators (Other party must have stated they are also comfortable)
ミ★ DMing me on social media as long as it follows the following rules;
. No saying just Hi, Hello, Hey, etc
. No asking to be friends
. Do not be NSFW in anyway
. No Disrespecting my boundaries
Not Allowed:
ミ★ NSFW Fan creations (Art, Edits, Fiction etc)
ミ★ Complements that imply sexual attraction (Hot, Sexy etc)
ミ★ Refer to me by my IRL name
ミ★ Ship with friends/creators with intent to create NSFW media
ミ★ Sending me friend requests and random dms on discord
ミ★ GFX Designers friend requesting me or DMing me